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I made this track with Garage Band out of necessity. I was in the process of moving and didn't have any of my equipment hooked up. The only thing available was an ex's Mac, which at the time I wasn't too familiar with. I opened Garage Band for the first time and went to work. I never planned on doing anything with it and was hesitant since it was made up of all stock GB loops but when I sent it FO CHIEF he didn't hesitate to go right in. It just goes to show that it's not about the gear or software you use but what you do with it. I only ever made one more beat on Garage Band but it was the first step in getting me to switch over to MAC and eventually getting LOGIC which is my main DAW. I'm not sure if I broke any HIP-HOP producer code by using stock loops but in the end I guess it's about whether or not the track sounds dope. Thanks to FO CHIEF's versatility I think it's safe to say we created a solid track with an epic storyteller vibe to it.





Majestic Beats Providence, Rhode Island

Majestic Beats...award-winning producer of "LETRAS" by Portuguese Hip-Hop Legend SANDRO G. Breaking the record for consecutive weeks in the top 20 on the Azores biggest radio station Canal.FM.

Independent Classic/Modern Underground Hip-Hop Producer 4:



BEAT BOX STUDIO (Providence, RI)
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